If you have an air conditioner, it essential to make sure you keep up with regular air conditioning servicing. Not only will you be able to pre-empt any issues, but you’ll be able to ensure your AC unit is in absolutely perfect working condition and stays that way.

Whether domestic or commercial, a regular air conditioning service will save you money in the long run. 

Why Air Conditioning Servicing Important

Why is Air Conditioning Servicing Important? 

As with regular air conditioner cleaning, having your air conditioner serviced will improve your unit’s functioning and longevity. Regular servicing ensures:

How Often Should Your Air Conditioner be Serviced?

Experts recommend that an air conditioning service should be done on your unit/s at least once a year, especially if the unit is being used regularly. Annual servicing should be done even if you keep up with regular cleaning on your unit.

Most importantly, you shouldn’t wait until there is a problem to have your unit serviced. 

What is Done in AC Servicing?

A licensed technician will inspect all the critical components of your unit during a service. They’ll look at things like your compressor, fan, motor, evaporator unit and thermostat. Anything that your AC needs to function correctly. 

Technicians will conduct a test on each function, check for any leaks or blockages, inspect your electrical connections and ensure your gas levels are where they need to be. 

Should your technician find any faults, they’ll fix it as part of your service, unless there is a more significant issue.

What Happens If You Don’t Service Your Air Conditioner?

AC Servicing

Several things can go wrong with your AC unit over time and regular use. More so, you might overlook the issue until it’s too late and you’ll have a costly repair on your hands, or may even need to buy a whole new unit. 

Common issues include: 

  1. A Faulty Thermostat. When your thermostat cannot regulate itself, your unit might not be able to heat or cool effectively. Plus, with automatic units, a faulty thermostat may cause it to turn on or off when it shouldn’t.
  2. Dirty Coils. Through continued use, your evaporator coils may get clogged, which in turn will restrict airflow and reduce the efficiency of your unit.


  3. Dirty Filter. The air filters in your unit are designed to stop pollen, allergens, and toxic airborne particular to be released from your unit. Over time, your filter will become dirty and clogged. With regular cleaning, you can ensure the air quality your AC unit is releasing is not affected.


  4. A Blocked Condenser. Your condenser is designed to help with the regulation of heat within your unit. When compromised, it can become dangerous for your unit and cause it to burn out.

  5. Leaks. It’s quite common for you AC to start leaking at some point. This could be due to blockages in individual pipes or holes. Leaks need to be fixed as soon as possible; else they can quickly start adding to your energy costs. 

Call Oleada Electrical For Your Air Conditioning Servicing

When it comes to your service, you’ll want it done correctly, and there is no quick-fix solution. We recommend contacting a local, licensed technician who can help you get the job done right. 

While each job will be dependent on your area and the size of your unit, in Australia, your service likely cost anywhere between $80-$140 for domestic units. Commercial units will likely be more and can range anywhere above $100. 

However, when you consider the price of a new unit, it is worth it! 

Don’t wait until a problem pops up and get stuck with a lengthy, costly fix. Instead, contact your local technician today and make sure you stay updated with regular air conditioner servicing. 

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