If you are a homeowner and you attempt a DIY electrical job, you are taking a risk. If handled incorrectly, electricity can kill. Our electricians have been trained and understand the dangers and how to avoid them.

Below are some of the reasons that you should not attempt a DIY electrical job.

Dangers of Completing DIY Electrical Work

Electrical Shock

Most people have been shocked at some point in time. It is a scary experience. The injuries sustained during an electrical shock can vary significantly. If you have not been trained in the proper way to work with electricity, you can be seriously harmed. Electrocution is one of the main causes of accidental death among construction workers.

House Fires

Improper electrical work can lead to a fire. Most house fires are caused by electrical faults. Loose wiring and melted wires can lead to a spark which starts the fire.

Property Damage

When you haven’t been trained in electrical repairs, there is a greater chance of property damage. Inadequate electrical work can lead to wall damage, melted wires, and appliance replacement.

Failed Inspection

The wiring in your home must be able to pass an inspection.

Quality of DIY Electrical Work

When you have electrical work done, you need to know that it is going to work perfectly from the start. By hiring Oleada Electrical, you can rest assured that your job is done right and it is up to code.

You may be a master at DIY projects, but electrical work isn’t in the same category as painting and landscaping. Improper electrical work can leave you without electricity. You may also experience a fire or electrocution.

Our licensed and insured electricians provide high-quality work. They have had extensive training and can get your job done fast and safely. You will receive many benefits by hiring Oleada Electrical:

100% Lifetime Guarantee

Free callbacks

10% off for seniors

We will discuss fees with you upfront

Our electricians are licensed and insured

Our #1 priority is you

Rapid response

Emergency Electrician Coorparoo

Energy efficient

We accept Zip Pay

Electricity is our passion

We will earn your trust

We treat your home like it is ours

Use the highest-quality products

Provide stress-free solutions

Safety is Oleada Electrical’s #1 Priority 

Safety is Oleada Electrical's #1 Priority

When attempting a DIY electrical job you are putting your safety and the safety of your home and family at risk. Electricity can be deadly. Accidentally touching an exposed wire or connecting the wrong wires together can start a fire or cause electrocution.

By hiring our highly-knowledgeable electricians, you will not have to worry about these dangers. Our electricians have been trained in the dangers of electricity. They know how to work with it safely.

Do not do DIY electrical work, always hire a licensed electrician. Call Oleada Electrical today for your free consultation.