Electrical appliances are not perfect forever. They may be rusty when they age, but, what’s important here is how you maintain and care for them. Your appliances complete the entirety of your home and with that, they deserve to be taken care of properly.

In case your electrical appliances fail, you may be thinking of calling an expert as soon as possible. While this is the best thing to do, there are still steps that you need to take before you ask for professional help.

Let us guide you through the process of checking up on your appliances by following these steps.

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Electrical Appliances Inspection Checklist

1. Maybe it’s your power supply.

More often than not, electrical appliances fail because of a lack of power supply. Maybe a fuse has blown and you are not receiving power to the household. You need to check your power point. Check other appliances in your house in the same area to see if they are working.

If they are not, go to your fuse box and switch the corresponding fuse back on. This should fix the problem. If not call us right away 

what to do electrical appliances failing brisbane

2. Assess if the issue is harmless.

Some common issues you can encounter can be harmless. To determine if it’s harmless, you should look into a loose outlet plug, short circuits, broken on/off switch, or damaged extension cords. There are some appliances that frequently short circuits.

If this is the first time you are experiencing failures, just observe. If the issue happens again, the problem is with your electrical appliance. That’s the time that you need to check what’s the problem with your appliance. 

Damaged extension cords can also cause problems. Because wires inside the insulation jacket are not connected properly. If you use an extension cord, try buying a new one. It might be that the wires in your old extension cord have come loose and using a new extension cord will fix the problem. 

3. Check if the issue is hazardous.

Hazardous electrical issues should not be fixed by someone who lacks experience in the matter. If you see your appliances flicker, dim, burn out, or heat more than a couple of times in a day or week, this can cause larger damage that could cause sparks, overheating, or worse, fire.

Check if the issue is hazardous and have it solved by us. Call us immediately here.

“The flickering of lights is an indication of a poor connection. This makes an intermittent contact that can develop into overheating, sparkling, or fire.” A spokesman at Quality Appliance Repair Brisbane says.

Dead outlets can be hazardous too. They may be causing a tripped poor connection but it’s not recommended that you open them and try to bring back the electricity connection. Again, calling us is your best option.

Dead outlets may be causing a tripped poor connection

4. Let your family member check up on it.

Another option you have is letting a family member check up on the issue. As mentioned above, electrical issues involving your appliances are better handled by someone who has experience in it. However, check with a family member in your household to ensure you have not missed anything simple. As good to double check!

5. Try fixing minor issues with your tools at home.

Tools such as electrical tapes and screwdrivers can do more than enough. If you have these at home and you are just going to fix minor issues such as a cut extension cord or broken light switch. Just make sure that you are fixing the right issue to avoid making the damage larger.

Electrical Appliances Inspection Checklist Summary

These are things you can do prior to calling out one of our emergency electrician experts. You can be as practical as you want by ensuring that the problem is not on the major components of your electrical appliance.