While we enjoy the summer weather, it’s important to adhere to fire safety tips to make sure we celebrate the festive season with caution and keep our loved ones, community and environment safe. 

Summer is one of the most beautiful times of the year. We spend more time outdoors and have the opportunity to get together with friends and family and just enjoy the beautiful city we live in. However, the hot and dry weather makes for ideal fire conditions.

Fire Safety Tips for Summer in Brisbane

With a devastating fire history, it’s so important for every household to follow these safety tips to make sure they can enjoy their summer safely. In Brisbane, the months between November and February are the most dangerous when it comes to fires. 

Topographical and ecological conditions make many parts of Australia high risk areas for bushfires. This is exactly why Queensland has particularly stringent fire safety laws designed to keep our city safe. 

Here’s our fire safety tips for summer in Brisbane:

1. Be Cautious Around Open Flames

Be Safe with the Barbecue

It’s vital to be cautious around barbecues, candles, lanterns and fireworks. Any open flame no matter how small can build to a bigger problem, even if entirely unintentional. As a rule of thumb, never leave any open flame unattended by an adult. 

When It comes to barbecuing, be sure to: 

  • Wear short sleeves to avoid longer sleeves catching fire. 
  • Keep a 1m round radius around your barbecue and keep it clear of anything. 
  • Use as little fire starter liquid or firelighters as possible. Use only what you need, and store fire starting products in a tin box. 

Never allow your children to play with matches or fireworks unless directly supervised. 

2. Check Your Appliances

Certain electrical appliances, like your air-conditioner require yearly inspections and cleaning. Debris or dust build up in your air-conditioner can cause short circuits or electrical glitches which can be dangerous in the wrong environment. 

Contact a specialist or follow your user manual to find out you can keep your air-conditioner clean. Moreover, lint build-up in the clothes filter on your dryer can also become flammable, especially in high heat.

Be sure to regularly empty out your lint filter as part of your spring cleaning.

3. Pay Attention to Your Power Points

Running to many extensions or adapters from one power point is very dangerous

Electrical shorts are a major problem and can quickly result in a household fire. Running to many extensions or adapters from one power point is very dangerous. Avoid over-loading to avoid issues. 

Switch off appliances which are not in use, avoid running cabling under mats or carpets and consider installing an electrical safety switch for an emergency situation. 

4. Frequently Have Your Fire Alarms Checked

smoke alarm inspection

In line with government regulations, it’s vital to ensure your home smoke alarm system is checked at least once a year. Yearly inspections ensure that your smoke alarm is in full working order, that there are no technical faults, there is no dust or debris and that you have a fully-functioning battery installed. 

Contact Oleada Electrical to ensure your smoke alarm inspection is done properly and in line with government safety codes. 

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5. Watch Where You Store Your Gas

If you have any gas, fuels or liquid fire starter in your home, be sure that all containers are adequately sealed and that the surrounding storage area is well ventilated. Do not store your gas in direct sunlight or near any flammable areas. 

More importantly, when using the gas, never leave it unattended. 

6. Clean & Maintain Your Lawn & Home Machinery

Maintaining and cleaning your lawn machinery and other household tools can also help to prevent a fire.

You’ll want to: 

  • Clear out leaves and debris from mowers and hedgers before drying out. 
  • Vacuum up any dust or shavings around your garage. 
  • Take extreme care when refuelling, and do so in a well ventilated area. 
  • Avoid using any machinery with damaged or frayed wiring. 

7. Get Your Garden Ready

Garden maintenance is very important, especially in bush fire prone areas like Brisbane. Ideal fire-safe garden maintenance includes: 

  • Keep your ground and garden clean of litter, leaves and dry grass. 
  • Clean out your gutters regularly. 
  • Keep all pathways clear of debris. 
  • Clear hanging branches anywhere near power lines.

What You Should Do in The Event of A Fire

It’s important to have a pre-determined fire escape plan for you and your family

In the event of a fire, firstly try to raise awareness by shouting or banging on the walls. Early detection can save valuable seconds. As smoke can cause you to become disoriented,  it’s important to have a pre-determined fire escape plan for you and your family. 

A good fire escape plan ensures you know an ideal exit strategy, which doors are easiest to access and has a pre-determined, safe gathering point. 

Should a fire break out, stay as low as possible and try to leave your home as quickly and efficiently as possible. Try to close as many doors as you can as you leave, as this will curb the spread of smoke and improve your visibility. 

Only once you are in a safe location, call 000. 

Summing Up Our Fire Safety Tips

Some other great tips are to ensure you have a fire extinguisher and fire blanket in at least two parts of your home and are easily accessible. Keeping a flashlight next to your bed is another great tip. 

Fire safety is vital in Brisbane and you’ll not only want to ensure that your homestead is up to government regulation but that you’ve done everything you can to keep your home and community safe. 

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to enjoy the fine summer weather without fearing the threat of a fire.

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