Electrical upgrades are often necessary. Upgrading can improve safety and eliminate potential problems. If the electrical system in your office does not meet your current needs, call Oleada Electrical today to find out more about an office electrical upgrade. 

office electrical upgrades

Oleada Electrical Provides Commercial Office Electrical Upgrades to:


  • General office space
  • Factories
  • Doctors
  • New apartment buildings
  • Schools
  • Day cares
  • High-rise building
  • Real estate agents – your office and your management properties
  • Dentists

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Electrician

When you hire Oleada Electrical, you can be confident knowing you will receive outstanding service from the moment you contact us.

We are passionate about electricity

Highly-trained and knowledgeable electricians

Fully licensed and insured

Upfront pricing and competitive rates

Free call backs

Safety is our main concern

We only use the highest-quality products

You are our #1 priority

Energy efficient

We will treat your office as if it were our own

Our final product is always professional and visually pleasing

24/7 Emergency Electrician

Zip Pay along with other types of payment methods are accepted

Fast and reliable service that you can count on

100% Lifetime Guarantee

You will know who to call the next time you need a commercial electrician

Available after hours

We are trustworthy

No hidden fees

Offer stress-free solutions

Australian owned and operated

Benefits of an Office Electrical Upgrade

Electrical systems are often ignored until there is an issue. Your business relies on electricity to function properly. So, when the electrical system fails, your employees cannot be productive, and you will lose money. 

There are many benefits of having an office electrical upgrade, including:

  • Can meet your power needs
  • Help to prevent fires
  • Bring your system up to code
  • No more blown fuses
  • Increases safety
  • Decreases down time
  • Can save you money
  • Reduces the possibility of damaged electronics
  • New powerpoints can improve convenience
  • Improve employee performance
commercial office electrical upgrades

Our Commercial Electrician Services

At Oleada Electrical, our fully licensed electricians can carry out all your office service upgrade needs. They have years of training and experience that give them the ability to handle any issue that may arise. Our electrical services are always performed to government regulations and the latest industry standards. 

We provide a wide range of commercial electrical services, including: 

Replace or install new power points

1 phase and 3 phase electrical work

Data cabling

Electrical maintenance

Office renovations – making the area safe for other trades, fit out new and existing electrical equipment

Fibre Optics

Testing and fault finding/troubleshooting

Appliance installations

Installing new circuits

IXL installation – bathroom lights and fans

Electrical service upgrades

Electrical box upgrades

Replace or install new light switches

If the service you require is not listed, give us a call anyway. We will see what we can do to help you.

commercial electrical upgrades

Do You Need an Electrical Safety Inspection?

Electrical faults are not often visible until there is a problem. A serious problem can be a major safety hazard. Your business could experience a fire. Or an employee could be electrocuted. 

Without electricity, your business would not be able to run. Oleada Electrical can perform an electrical safety inspection and locate warning signs of possible failure. If you have any doubts there might be a possible issue, have an electrical safety inspection performed before it is too late. 

Reasons to have an electrical safety inspection performed:

  • Purchasing a new office building
  • Adding new equipment
  • Renovating the office
  • There is old wiring 
  • Your building is over 25 years old.
  • There is DIY electrical work
  • Experiencing electrical issues
  • Blowing fuses

Call Us for Your Office Electrical Upgrade

There is not a job too big or too small. You can count on Oleada Electrical to get your office electrical upgrade done right the first time. When you hire Oleada Electrical, your experience will be hassle-free. We treat our customers right.

You can count on us to provide high-quality service at an affordable rate. You can trust us to take care of your office electrical upgrades. We offer a full range of commercial services including electrical safety inspections.

If you are interested in an office electrical upgrade, call the experts at Oleada Electrical today to book your free consultation.

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