Most modern homes are fitted with a large number of electrical sockets for everyday use. However, there are significant safety concerns when it comes to overloaded outlets.

It’s also a risk factor that many people tend to forget. When it comes to overloaded, prevention is critical, so here is everything you can do to avoid overloaded outlets.


Dangers of Overloaded Outlets

Dangers of Overloaded Outlets

There are a multitude of risks involved when it comes to overloading your power outlets. Whether it’s using too many double adapter or extension cords plugged into an outlet or whether it’s running too many major appliances off any one socket, it is something that would be best avoided. 

Much of the technology we use today requires an electrical outlet, from our TV’s, tablets, smartphones and laptops to all our usual household appliances. Sometimes, you just don’t have enough outlets, so it’s easy enough to simply plug a bunch of them into a power board. However, this can be risky for yourself, your family, your co-workers and even your appliances.

Is an Overloaded Circuit Dangerous? 

Overloading your circuit or outlets can be extremely dangerous, in some instances even fatal. You could be putting your home or workplace at major risk of a fire and yourself at risk of an electrical shock. 

Overloaded outlets cause over-heating and put incredible strain on your entire electrical circuit. This, in turn, can damage your appliances and cause hazardous electrical faults.

How to Prevent an Overloaded Outlet

Three Warning Signs of An Overloaded Electrical Circuit

There are usually some tell-tale signs when your sockets are over-loaded, beyond just the visual over-crowding of power boards. Be sure to look out for: 

Flickering Lights or Tripping Fuses

If your circuit is under strain, other aspects of electrical usage will be affected. If your lights seem to flicker or dim inconsistently, check your power outlets. If your fuses keep tripping, check your power outlets. 


Sizzling Sounds or Burning Smells Coming from your Outlets

The moment you notice crackling or sizzling sounds or a burning smell, you’ll know there’s a problem with your circuit. The heat of an overloaded circuit won’t only cause electrical damage but can cause a fire. So, take action immediately. 

Electrical Shocks or Discolored Wall Plated

The overheating can cause your wall plates to warp or discolour, and it can also cause melting, which may expose live wires. If you notice anything suspicious about your wall sockets, it’s time to assess your circuit.

Three Warning Signs of An Overloaded Electrical Circuit

How to Prevent an Overloaded Outlet

There are many tips and tricks you can follow to make sure you keep all outlets working safely. Be sure to: 

Plug All Major Appliances Directly into a Socket

Appliances that require a lot of current should almost always be plugged directly into a socket rather than an extension cord or power board. 

Find Appliance Specific Plugs

Each appliance requires a different amount of current to function. Your TV, for instance, may need far less than your microwave. Be sure to check the needs of each appliance and buy double adapters that meet those needs only. 

Check the Current Ratings on all Your Extensions

Always check current ratings and make sure they correlate with the appliance you are trying to run. In general, avoid using extension cords as much as possible or for a prolonged period.

Purchase Power Boards with an Overload Protector

There are some great modern power boards with built-in technology to protect your circuit. Use these over your regular power boards.

Maintain your Outlets, Power Boards & Adapters

It’s always a good idea to keep all of your outlets clean and dust-free. Ensure you only have one or two appliances running off any single outlet or power board at one time. 

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