Tripping fuses and flickering lights might feel like the sign of some paranormal activity. However, it’s usually a direct result of an old or faulty switchboard. If you’re having electrical in residential or commercial property, it may be time to upgrade your switchboard.

Not sure you need it? Here are 9 warning signs to look out for: 

9 Warning Signs You Might Need a Switchboard Upgrade

Your switchboard is the central hub for all the electrical circuits in your home, which is why it can become incredibly frustrating and quite dangerous when it’s not functioning correctly. Luckily, there is a simple solution to a faulty switchboard. 

Whether in your home or in a commercial application, it’s essential to undergo regular safety inspections to make sure your building is up to code, and you’re providing an absolutely safe environment. Regular inspections can help you save costs and ensure everything is working in perfect condition.

So, how do you know whether or not you need to start considering an upgrade?

Do I Need to Upgrade My Switchboard?

There are usually a few tell-tale signs signifying that it might be time to upgrade your switchboard. From funny smells to flickering lights, issues with your switchboard can quickly become a safety hazard, so it’s best to be safe rather than sorry. 

Here are 9 warning signs to look out for:

1. An Overcrowded Board

Overloading your switchboard is a significant safety hazard and can become problematic not only for your appliances. Locate your switchboard and check it. If you notice a low humming, a jumble of cables or that it’s packed to the brim, you’ll definitely want to consider upgrading.

Do I Need to Upgrade My Switchboard

2. Flickering Lights

While it might feel like something straight out of a horror movie, flickering lights are usually a sign of an overloaded switchboard. If it has too many circuits or is an older model, your switchboard may struggle to regulate and manage electricity flow, causing surges or flickering lights.

3. Circuits Keep Tripping

Old switchboards just can’t keep up with the demands of modern appliances. If you’re noticing a continuous tripping of your boards, especially when plugging in a specific appliance, you’ll want to contact a local electrician not only to check your appliances, but your switchboard too. 

4. Melted Fuses

It’s always a good idea to check your switchboard for issues. Should you notice melted or burnt out fuses, it’s a clear sign of damage or overloading and will likely need to be replaced as soon as possible. 

5. A Slight Burning Smell

Fuses will start burning out if the system is overloaded or if there is any faulty wiring. Should you notice a burning smell coming from your switchboard, it’s a strong sign that it’s overheating and will become a fire hazard.

Contact an electrician immediately.

6. Sometimes it Sparks

Sparks are hazardous, and there is definitely something wrong with your switchboard if it starts sparking. In this case, don’t even hesitate and contact your electrician with extreme urgency.

flickering lights are usually a sign of an overloaded switchboard

7. Your Switchboard Still Uses Ceramic Fuses

Ceramic fuses are very outdated technology and provide minimal protection when it comes to fire safety. In the state of Victoria, ceramic fuses are no longer allowed to be installed in homes, precisely because of this issue. It’s essential to switch your fuses to modern, safer ones.

8. You’ve Got Asbestos Behind Your Switchboard

Up until 2004, the backing behind your switchboard would have been made from asbestos. However, we now know today about the significant health hazard of asbestos. Should you suspect asbestos, contact a specialist immediately and make sure it gets replaced to avoid any asbestos particles becoming airborne.

9. Your Board Doesn’t Have A Safety Switch

Safety switches are absolutely essential. In the event of an electrical fault, they automatically switch off the electricity supply. In turn, protecting you and your home from an electrical fire, electric shock, injury or even death.

They’re an ideal defence mechanism for your home in the event of a fire, electrical emergency or natural disaster. Most modern boards will be fitted with an emergency safety switch.

Do You Think You Need a Switchboard Upgrade?

Should you have come across any of the above issues, it’s imperative to contact a licensed, local electrical specialist who can help you upgrade your switchboard

With any of the above issues, you won’t want to delay, as the problem might get worse and compromise the safety of those within your building. 

More so, it’s essential to trust your switchboard upgrade to a specialist. Attempting to fix it yourself is not recommended. 

For the best results, trust Oleada for all your electrical and switchboard upgrade needs.

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